Renault R35

In order to play the “All American – Battle at La Fière” for Chain of Command I needed a Renault R35 as a support option for the Germans.

I couldn’t find STL files to print one so I got it from Warlord Games.

Countryside Garage

I recently completed the Countryside Garage by 3D-Print-Terrain, it came with the Normandy 1944 D-Day kickstarter campaign. The extensions on the sides are printed separately and it also comes with gas pumps which I haven’t used here.

I textured the flat walls with some Liquitex Stucco Effects and did a pretty straightforward paint job. The roofs of the extensions received a good amount of rust pigment followed by some Rain Marks Environment Effects from Vallejo.

First game of Bolt Action tonight.

I’ll be playing my first game of Bolt Action tonight with my friend Dan. It’s been about six months since I delved into the world of WW2 wargaming and it’s been a very enjoyable ride.

I have built a lot of terrain and I will finally be able to put it to good use. Here’s a picture of the table we’ll be playing on:

I’m not sure if this amount of terrain is too much for a first game but it would be a pity to not use all the things that are available to me.

We’ll be playing a 1000 points game where the German Grenadiers will meet the US Airborne.

Let the fun begin…

3D Printed Building: The Farm

I just finished painting “The Farm” from PrintableScenery last night, it’s a great model and it’s quite modular.

I did a quick paint job, nothing to fancy. I started with a base of chocolate brown.

For the walls I started by dry-brushing a 50/50 mix of raw umber and grey, followed by a mix raw umber, light grey and beige.

For the roofs dry-brushed some dark red and worked my way up to a mix of red and beige.

I then added foliage with some polyfiber with a mix of coarse and fine turf sprinkle on top.

You can check out the full photo gallery here:

I would like to blog

I think the time has come for me to start blogging.

About a year ago I came back to the hobby after a long pause, I started playing D&D and this led me back to miniature painting, and eventually wargaming.

Over the last year I’ve been posted regularly on social media but I think I need a place where I can post richer content.


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