Having recently finished painting a bunch of old west miniatures and terrain, I wanted to try a solo game, I owned the Pulp Alley (http://pulpalley.com/) rules for a while but never got a chance to play them.

“Pulp Alley plays like your favorite fast-paced, action and adventure stories. Pulp Alley is jam-packed with heroes, villains, and plenty of unexpected perils.”

In order to play Pulp Alley you need at least two leagues, endless options are available which lets you create groups of individuals full of characters.

The first league I created was the Five Joaquins Gang.

The second one, which I will play as bots, is the Wyatt Earl Posse.

The bots (Wyatt Earl Posse) will be activated first during the game, this makes it a bit more challenging.

I decided to play the first scenario in the rulebook: Smash & Grab.


The Five Joaquins Gang have been hiding in the small town Arroyo de Cantua for several days, the Wyatt Earl Posse has been on their tail for a while. They’re looking to recover a bunch of stolen goods as well as capturing the Joaquins.

The Wyatt Earp posse heard…
…that the Five Joaquins Gang was in town.
The Wyatt Earp posse walks in.
The Five Joaquins Gang is knows they’re coming.
The five plot points are placed. The major plot point is in the middle of the main street.

Turn 1

John Hughes sneaks at the back of the inn.
Wyatt Earp goes for the closest plot point on the saloon balcony.
Bat Masterson (top) and Heck Thomas run towards the small cabin.
On the the Joaquins’ side, Carrillo (right) and Botellier run to the plot point behind the barn.
The rest of the gang move towards the main street.

Turn 2

While Wyatt Earp fails getting his plot point on the Saloon’s balcony, Bat Masterson shoots at Joaquin Carrillo and takes him down.
Heck Thomas follows and takes Joaquin Botellier down.
Two Joaquins down.

In the meantime, big boss Joaquin Murrieta shoot John Hughes are injures him.

Occomorenia shoots at John Hughes from the main street and takes him down.
Valenzuella arrives late to the crime scene and goes for the stairs.
John Hughes fails is recovery check and his out. The posse is down to three men.
Bottelier is out too, the Five Joaquins Gang needs to change their name…

Turn 3

Wyatt Earp draws “Retaliate”, might come in handy.
Earp and Occomorenia exchange shots and both get injured, they’re both down to a D6.
Looks like it’s getting foggy in town…
Murrieta walks up the bank’s balcony and takes Earp down.
That plot point is up for grabs.
The turn ends and Earp fails is recovery check, only two men left in the posse.

Turn 4

The fog intensifies…
Masterson manages to grab the first plot point. Looks like the game will last 7 turns instead of 6.
Heck Thomas is getting nervous…
… but still manages to take Carrillo down again.
In the meantime Occomorenia goes towards the plot point on the saloon balcony.
Murietta succeeds at getting the plot point on the bank’s balcony.
Valenzuella goes down the stairs towards the main plot point. Murrieta will follow shortly.
At the end of the turn, Carrillo is back up again…

Turn 5

..it won’t be long before Masterson guns him down for a third time.
More randomness to come, who’ll be lucky?
Not Masterson, he fails his peril and goes down.
No luck for Occomorenia either who’s stopped in his attempt at getting to the saloon’s plot point.
Valenzuella joins the fun.
Carrillo is out this time.
(He should have been out earlier since he’s a follower, my bad…)
Meanwhile, Murrierta is going for the main plot point…
…and gets it!
Occomorenia also tries his luck on the saloon’s plot point…
…and is successfull too.

Turn 6

Murriteta finishes Heck.
Occomorenia jumps off the balcony.
The Wyatt Earp posse is no more.

Turn 7

Murrieta goes for the 4th plot point…
…and does it again.

Wrap Up

It was a clear victory for the Joaquins, gang leader Joaquin Murrieta ends up taking 1 major plot points and 2 minor ones. His sidekick Joaquin Occomorenia gets a minor plot point.

Victory points:

  • The Five Joaquins: 6
  • The Wyapp Earl Posse: 0

The Five Joaquins league development:

  • Reputation is now 6 (no perks yet)
  • 1 Backup
  • 1 Experience
  • 1 Tip
  • 1 Contact

I really enjoyed the game, it’s fast paced and the card deck adds the right amount of randomness needed in solo play.

We’ll see the Five Joaquins again, to be continued…

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