WW2 terrain

Countryside Garage

I recently completed the Countryside Garage by 3D-Print-Terrain, it came with the Normandy 1944 D-Day kickstarter campaign. The extensions on the sides are printed separately and it also comes with gas pumps which I haven’t used here.

I textured the flat walls with some Liquitex Stucco Effects and did a pretty straightforward paint job. The roofs of the extensions received a good amount of rust pigment followed by some Rain Marks Environment Effects from Vallejo.

3D Printed Building: The Farm

I just finished painting “The Farm” from PrintableScenery last night, it’s a great model and it’s quite modular.

I did a quick paint job, nothing to fancy. I started with a base of chocolate brown.

For the walls I started by dry-brushing a 50/50 mix of raw umber and grey, followed by a mix raw umber, light grey and beige.

For the roofs dry-brushed some dark red and worked my way up to a mix of red and beige.

I then added foliage with some polyfiber with a mix of coarse and fine turf sprinkle on top.

You can check out the full photo gallery here: http://www.iwouldliketorage.com/ww2-buildings-the-farm/